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At Advantage Home Tours we see the hidden potential that exists in all things and we’re here to help you unlock your yours. With over 17 years experience in real estate content and marketing, we aim to help brokers, agents, designers, stagers, architects, builders, and more take control of their business and start reaching their goals. Our stunning photos, cinematic video tours, aerial drone photography and videography, 4K 3D tours by Matterport, dedicated property websites and marketing insight will give you the edge you need to stay ahead of the competition.


We enjoy our success last – yours always comes first! We go above and beyond for our clients, pushing industry-leading customer service and turnaround and never sacrificing quality. We understand that working in the real estate industry is a non-stop job. Let us take care of all your marketing needs so you can better give your clients the service and attention you are known for.


Innovate or die. Even the greatest companies crumble when they no longer push the boundaries of their industry. We are constantly innovating and investing in our company – with better equipment, better training, better systems. Our team is dedicated and empowered to produce magnificent content that will effortlessly attract and engage today’s sophisticated buyers.


A picture is worth a thousand words....and thousands of dollars in your pocket. Advantage Home Tours is a real estate media production and marketing firm serving the metro Atlanta area with a team of  highly trained media specialists. Our mission is to build and elevate your brand with exceptional marketing solutions. It starts with developing compelling content to support your business and expand your portfolio. Together we create a marketing strategy that works for you so that your message reaches your ideal customers.

HDR Photography

Cinematic Video Tours

3D Tours - Matterport


Drone Aerials

2D Floor Plans

Marketing Solutions

As the marketing guru Seth Godin said “You’re either remarkable or invisible. Make a choice”. When you choose us, you’re choosing the right team to help you craft a compelling personal brand and a stunning online visual presence to better demonstrate you dedication and expertise. The results..... more views, more listings, more sales and more happy customers that will sing your praises to their family, friends and associates. Let’s get started.

For a consultation please call us at 770-521-9219

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