Floor Plans

Elevate your current listing strategy by including a floor plan with your professional photo package. Floor plans help potential buyers to visualize the layout and "flow" of a home better than photos can do on their own.


Advantage Home Tours offers a convenient, time saving and much more affordable solution than hiring a costly measurement service or technician. Our photographers will take all of the measurements on-site during the photo shoot appointment. It takes on average 10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the home. And then our editing team will transform the drawing into a user-friendly, floor plan image (JPG or PNG). The "ready to use" floor plan images are perfect for MLS listings, real estate property websites, presentations, marketing materials, and more. They can easily be shared by email and on social media as well!


By providing clarity of the layout, floor plans can also save you and your client valuable time by reducing unnecessary showings, as well as increase the chance of keeping the "right" candidates on your listing longer, and making your listing more memorable than those without floor plans.

Our floor plans are a flat rate of $79.00 as an add-on to any photo package. Turnaround is typically next business day.

Example Floor Plan

(Click on images to enlarge)

Second Level

Main level _ floor plan
Second level _ floor plan

Main Level

Lower Level


Lower level _ floor plan
All levels in one _ floor plan